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[texts]Simons BASIC

Keywords: command; program; screen; mob; commodore; commands; return; basic; graphics; character; low col; basic commands; user guide; normal screen; basic user; mob set; plot type; character string; command allows; screen data
Downloads: 1,749
[texts]VIC-20 Programmers Reference Guide 1st Edition 6th Printing

Keywords: program; memory; data; basic; expansion; print; poke; screen; future expansion; routine; mode assembly; vic basic; machine language; floating point; serial bus; secondary address; addressing mode; assembly language; interrupt flag
Downloads: 1,696
[texts]More about CBM 4040 DOS

Keywords: ida; sta; jsr; sector; bne; track; pointer; buffer; idx; current; drive number; active buffer; addr object; buffer pointer; source code; sector number; track number; side sector; object source; current track
Downloads: 920
[texts]Logo Instruction Manual

Keywords: logo; commodore; procedure; turtle; type; sprite; graphics; tutorial; input; procedures; current sprite; graphics screen; logo tutorial; tutorial graphics; utilities disk; lists projects; disk drive; graphics projects; reference guide; edit mode
Downloads: 871
[texts]Nevada Fortran for the Commodore 64

Keywords: statement; mov; format; error; program; variable; file; fortran; runtime; integer; source code; real real; nevada fortran; object code; general format; example call; statement label; runtime error; double precision; operand field
Downloads: 593
[texts]Commodore 128 128D Service Manual 1987 Nov

Keywords: rom; ram; cer; bus; memory; pin; address; data; voltage level; address bus; multiplexed address; chip select; vic chip; power supply; data bus; pin assignment; video interface; configuration register
Downloads: 523
[texts]Digital Research CP-M Plus Version 3 OS Users Programmers and System Guides

Keywords: file; command; bdos; disk; program; drive; function; system; error; guide; calling program; bdos error; bdos function; system control; system guide; control block; file system; user number; operating system; current user
Downloads: 505
[texts]SX-64 Users Guide

Keywords: program; print; color; sprite; computer; commodore; poke; data; file; disk; sustain level; file number; memory location; computer displays; memory locations; low frequency; random access; screen memory; error message; random number
Downloads: 388
[texts]VIC-20 Personal Computing Guide

Keywords: poke; program; print; color; type; press; key; screen; memory location; goto; program exactly; prints chrs; screen memory; nextl poke; random number; variable names; vic basic; left side; nextm poke
Downloads: 379
[texts]C128 System Guide

Keywords: program; sprite; basic; commodore; key; color; disk; command; screen; commands; graphics statements; sprite graphics; basic commands; machine language; disk drive; device number; string variable; pixel cursor; bit map; return key
Downloads: 370
[texts]C64-C64C Service Manual 314001-03 1992 Mar

Keywords: ceramic; pin; electrolytic; rom; color; port; ohm; output; clock; zener; ceramic electrolytic; electrolytic ceramic; ceramic ceramic; circuit theory; parts list; ceramic disc; pcb assembly; parallel port; pin din; din female
Downloads: 362
[texts]1084-D PAL Service Manual

Keywords: ohm; carbon; electro; color; cera; mylar; conn; diode; circuit; coil; deflection yoke; output circuit; description vender; screw tapping; location commodore; high voltage; color bar; conn wafer; picture tube; heat sink
Downloads: 332
[texts]C64 Diagnostic Instruction and Troubleshooting Manual 326070-01

Keywords: result; step; vdc; defective; ram; pin; signal; incorrect; test; port; troubleshooting guide; output signal; ram test; mhz clock; vdc pulse; input signal; control port; user port; port test; data read
Downloads: 326
[texts]C128 Diagnostic Instruction and Troubleshooting Manual 314060-01-02

Keywords: diagnostic; ram; step; result; troubleshooting; pin; incorrect; defective; test; port; system diagnostic; ram bank; incorrect pin; mhz clock; system troubleshooting; bad bad; diagnostic symptoms; port test; user port; serial port
Downloads: 285
[texts]C64 Macro Assembler Development System Manual C64101

Keywords: assembler; program; file; operand; address; load; memory; command; data; error; pos pos; object file; assembly language; machine code; operand field; cross reference; starting address; spri spri; error message; control register
Downloads: 271
[texts]1581 Users Guide

Keywords: file; disk; command; files; track; error; data; diskette; program; byte; serial bus; side sector; job queue; track cache; relative file; machine language; record number; direct access; disk drive; drive number
Downloads: 249
[texts]VIC Machine Code Monitor

Keywords: program; vicmon; command; screen; progrom; memory; ore; ond; quick trace; display; simply press; rhe screen; ihe program; vicmon system; program execution; single byte; byte hex; display ihe; program file
Downloads: 247
[texts]C64DX aka C65 System Specifications Preliminary 1991 Mar

Keywords: data; memory; program; bowen; specification; mode; command; system; system specification; disk; token token; table descriptions; fred bowen; kernel jump; bowen march; basic program; jump table; floating point; system map
Downloads: 236
[texts]C128D System Guide

Keywords: program; sprite; basic; commodore; commands; screen; disk; command; color; key; graphics statements; sprite graphics; basic commands; pixel cursor; bit map; device number; string variable; machine language; disk drive; shift key
Downloads: 231
[texts]C128 Programmers Reference Guide

Keywords: commodore; character; memory; data; screen; color; sprite; address; bit map; ram; ram bank; map mode; machine language; background color; equ equ; disk drive; operating system; vic chip; color ram
Downloads: 227
[texts]VIC-20 The Friendly Computer Technical Manual PN 990440

Keywords: cvj; assy; lii; lij; commodore; assy vic; iii; ffi
Downloads: 220
[texts]VIC-1001 User Manual

Keywords: print; cbm; goto; data; return; hyperbolic; clr; error; print print; peek; serial clk; quantity error; cbm basic; syntax error; press play; serial data; inverse hyperbolic; rem cursol; print val
Downloads: 213
[texts]Nevada COBOL for the Commodore 64

Keywords: data; program; cobol; pic; display; numeric; character; file; disk; statement; access mode; source program; data item; label records; nevada cobol; filler pic; cobol source; character position; item referenced; environment division
Downloads: 212
[texts]MPS-1230 Service Manual 314998-01 1989 Jul

Keywords: esc; mps; manual; commodore; mode; print; ibm; printer; service manual; serial; double width; commodore commands; paper feed; serial commodore; secondary address; command codes; power supply; character set; serial interface
Downloads: 209
[texts]Plus 4 Docs

Keywords: ted; byte; data; bit; rom; color; character; address; address bit; video; port bit; keyboard latch; data bit; dynamic ram; bit map; single clock; bkgd reg; video matrix; ttl level
Downloads: 208
[texts]SX-64 Portable Computer Schematics

Keywords: ceramic; pcb; parts; commodore; elect; resistors; capacitors; schematic; assy; inductor; pcb layout; standard parts; ceramic ceramic; integrated circuits; parts list; coil inductor; industry standard; ceramic elect; elect ceramic; pcb assy
Downloads: 205
[texts]VIC-1011A RS-232C Manual

Keywords: data; routine; kernal; buffer; jsr; interface; channel; output; gnd; byte; kernal open; gnd signal; logical file; signal ground; received data; set ready; user port; data terminal; machine language; data byte
Downloads: 202
[texts]C64 User Manual 1984 2nd Edition

Keywords: program; sprite; commodore; color; data; poke; computer; print; ecom; disk; computer displays; error message; memory location; dor ecom; ecom modor; low frequency; high frequency; sid chip; modor ecom; screen memory
Downloads: 201
[texts]1541-II Users Guide

Keywords: disk; file; diskette; command; error; data; files; program; drive; basic; machine language; serial bus; disk drive; drive number; relative file; device number; record number; command channel; direct access; sequential file
Downloads: 186
[texts]MPS-802 Dot Matrix Printer Users Guide

Keywords: print; printer; commodore; format; close; characters; formatting; open; printed; data; ribbon cartridge; format string; secondary address; dot matrix; carriage return; serial port; print data; print head; mmo dore; data exactly
Downloads: 181
[texts]1571 Users Guide

Keywords: file; disk; diskette; command; error; sector; data; files; byte; program; sequential file; record number; disk drive; machine language; relative file; disk errors; command channel; drive number; direct access; device number
Downloads: 170
[texts]SX-64 Users Guide Alt

Keywords: program; print; color; sprite; computer; disk; poke; data; file; commodore; random number; file number; memory location; computer displays; memory locations; low frequency; sustain level; screen memory; error message; background color
Downloads: 165
[texts]C64 CP-M Operating System Users Guide Preliminary

Keywords: disk; commodore; file; mvi; sta; mov; lxi; equ; command; lda; disk drives; operating system; call print; disk drive; currently logged; copy utility; initial caps; system tracks; ieee interface; function key
Downloads: 162
[texts]C64 Users Guide

Keywords: commodore; program; print; sprite; ond; data; color; poke; computer; screen; power supply; creating sound; commodore commodore; screen memory; memory location; attack rate; color memory; sound program; sound effects; control setting
Downloads: 161
[texts]C64 Users Manual

Keywords: program; commodore; sprite; color; data; memory; screen; computer; print; poke; character string; color memory; memory location; screen code; disk drive; shift key; function returns; background color; screen memory; bit map
Downloads: 160
[texts]1702 Monitor Users Manual

Keywords: monitor; commodore; power; connector; turn; input; color; set; plug; cable; qualified service; power cord; control turn; video monitor; signal selector; service technician; output jack; normal setting; audio input; personal computer
Downloads: 160
[texts]VIC-20 Colour Computer Vital Information Au

Keywords: commodore; ond; ore; power; magazine; moke; port; ony; power supply; commodore magazine; video port; television set; power light
Downloads: 157
[texts]1541-II Service Manual Addendum 314862-01 1988 Mar

Keywords: ohm; diskette; commodore; pin; parts; pcb; schematic; fdd; parts list; chinon; rad cer; screw tapping; drive assy; pin shielded
Downloads: 152
[texts]TechTopics 30

Keywords: amiga; drive; cbm; genlock; warranty; commodore; issue; techtopics; hard drive; quantum; service training; field replacement; techtopics issue; monitor system; warranty policy; color monitor; service technician; vga color; replacement units
Downloads: 148
[texts]MPS-1250 Dot Matrix Printer Users Guide

Keywords: print; lprint; mps; hex; ascii; characters; esc; printer; graphics; mode; hex ascii; character set; ascii hex; hex char; petascii hex; basic petascii; ascii code; dec hex; print head; ascii codes
Downloads: 138
[texts]Simons BASIC Extensions

Keywords: sprite; command; array; basic; commands; program; print; arr; parameter; extension; sprite manipulation; set arr; basic extension; manipulation commands; sprite data; array manipulation; zer arr; command allows; mob set; graphics commands
Downloads: 137
[texts]B Series Users Guide

Keywords: disk; program; drive; statement; command; print; commodore; basic; commands; file; commodore dealer; machine language; extended basic; file number; disk drive; minus sign; drive number; drive unit; pin type; logical file
Downloads: 132
[texts]VIC-1541 IT

Keywords: del; file; numero; con; comando; blocco; floppy; che; sono; dei; side sector; formato del; numero del; del comando; floppy disk; nome del; del floppy; del file; settore del; campo file
Downloads: 131
[texts]TechTopics 20

Keywords: diag; disk; kit; assy; issue; align; amiga; manual; service manual; techtopics; diag manual; align prog; techtopics issue; disk drive; power supply; manual addendum; diag assy; disk diag; system clock
Downloads: 126
[texts]C64C GEOS V1.5 Users Manual

Keywords: disk; geos; file; click; note; files; desktop; icon; select; text; centronics parallel; ram expansion; disk drive; input device; note pad; file icon; close icon; dialog box; disk note; geos desktop
Downloads: 126
[texts]1802 Monitor Users Guide

Keywords: commodore; monitor; plug; video; ttie; color; mode; cable; monochrome; set; service technician; rear panel; output plug; plug ends; video mode; mode switch; operating mode; rightto increase; video output; phono plugs
Downloads: 125
[texts]C64 Service Manual 314001-02 1985 Sep

Keywords: ceramic; pin; electrolytic; port; rom; color; clock; output; oeramic; processor; pcb assembly; parts list; ceramic ceramic; address bus; parallel port; pin din; electrolytic ceramic; ceramic electrolytic; circuit theory; memory array
Downloads: 124
[texts]Commodore Modem 300 Users Manual

Keywords: disk; screen; modem; program; file; computer; key; commodore; buffer; ascii; pet ascii; disk read; common sense; virtual screen; poke sid; host computer; terminal emulator; disk file; function key; touch tone
Downloads: 122
[texts]MPS-1000 Service Manual 319907-01 1986 Nov

Keywords: circuit; carriage; replace; pin; signal; motor; remove; catx; sensor; printer; print solenoid; filter circuit; paper feed; feed motor; catx circuit; pts sensor; control circuit; carriage motor; circuit board; power supply
Downloads: 120
[texts]MPS-801 Printer Users Manual

Keywords: printer; mode; print; commodore; ribbon; cmd; printing; command; graphic; program; ribbon cassette; paper thickness; print head; adjusting lever; character mode; thickness adjusting; cmd command; graphic mode; reverse field; double width
Downloads: 120
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